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To see Daniel in action, watch these videos from speaking events and broadcast interviews.

Episode #67: What Is The Balance Of Your Emotional Bank Account?…With Penny Peddie and Daniel Gutierrez

Daniel Gutierrez interview: Latin Post Gets Reaction to First Republican Presidential Debate Live in New York City 2015

“Intuitional Leadership in an expanding global market place: Discover the New Paradigm of Global Leadership” August 2015 National Speaker Series New York City

Turning Difference into an Asset

Hispanic leadership guru Daniel Gutierrez says that with hard work, determination, positive attitude, and employer support, anyone can enjoy leadership success in the office.

Let it Shinel with Daniel Gutierrz about Leadership and Stepping Into Greatness

Glen Winfree of Aetna Insurance Office Of Diversity

Interview of US Presidential Candidate New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson

Keynote at InRoads Leadership Conference 3700 in Attendance, Nashville, TN

Daniel Gutierrez, “You Are What You Think” Speaker Promo Video

Youth Success and Leadership Conference San Jose, California