fifty lessons on my path to peace and tranquility

Daniel Gutierrez’ latest book, Fifty Lessons I learned on my Path to Peace and Tranquility, speaks to us of his life’s journey, including many personal and profound experiences. Written from the heart, the book includes much wisdom Daniel has acquired over his first 50 years of life in this earthly realm. It is designed to be a guide, along with his lessons, and includes photographs he has taken on his many travels throughout the world. Daniel has been asked many times, “How does one get to Peace and Tranquility?” His reply is to make peace with SELF. One of his biggest realizations came to him as he stood atop the Temple of the Sun in Teotihuacan, Mexico, while on a Spiritual Journey with his dear friend, don Miguel Ruiz. The picture on the front book cover was taken in that precious moment. ONLY $17.95, and includes a free copy of Stepping Into Greatness (pdf download) and Daniel’s DVD Journey To The Heart (download) – Valued at over $50.00 and yours for just $17.95!

stepping into greatness

Are you ready to make your life a success? Let author, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker Daniel Gutierrez guide you to the greatness you’ve always dreamed of. Accepting your greatness means taking a good look at yourself. Most of my life I ran from who I was, and wanted to be something I wasn’t. I wanted to be taller, faster, better looking, whiter – everything but me. Over time, however, this is what I’ve learned: accepting your greatness means to transform your way of thinking.   Stepping into Greatnessis about understanding that you are created in the image of greatness, and that is enough. It is about looking deep inside at the hurt and the pain and realizing that a lot of the things we assume about ourselves just aren’t true. I wasn’t a failure, although I had failed many times. Accepting your greatness is about self-love, self-acceptance, self-realization, and ending the struggle and competition with yourself. What we believe, what we think, what we perceive – whether good or bad – is the core of our power and within us. Harnessing that power to work for us is what transformation is all about. It creates our reality, our vision, our purpose, and our ultimate success. Yes, we have lived lives of joy and pain, lessons and disasters, rewards and temptations. Yes, we have met people who inspire us and others whose moral compasses do not align with our own. To become the “master of your fate” or the “captain of your soul,” we must take responsibility and accountability for the experiences and choices within our journey. Your life, your loves, your passion, your work – all can bring the joy that propels you forward in a way that inspires, encourages, and aspires to greater things. Success is waiting to happen… just take that first step into your greatness now.

Daniel Gutierrez shares his wisdom through this great book full of common sense that, step-by-step, helps the reader into leadership.

~ Don Miguel Ruiz Speaker, Author of The Four Agreements

“Daniel Gutierrez is a visionary who is pioneering the leading edge of what’s possible for human connection without borders. His words touch me both by opening my mind, and especially by causing me to remember who I really am……infinite and here to assist. Thanks for being an example of what is possible for all of us, Dan. You shining your light ignites millions of flames.”

~ Jennifer Hough Author, Speaker, Creator of Get Out of Your Own Way™, The Law of Awakening

“Take a breath. Daniel is about to take you deep. Through Daniel’s life stories of joy and heartbreak, you will see your life, your family, and ultimately your own greatness revealed in places few choose to authentically travel. It doesn’t matter who you are; I promise your soul will be altered. Beautifully touching and transformational.”

~ Shawne Duperon, six-time Emmy Winner of ShawneTV

Building on Greatness: the Courage to Thrive

“Everything we need to succeed is already inside of us. All we need to do is to access it.”—Daniel Gutierrez.In Building on Greatness: The Courage to Thrive, bestselling author and world-renowned motivational speaker Daniel Gutierrez presents 13 incredible life-changing stores written by ordinary people just like you, who overcame their fear, doubt, and disbelief to not only step into their greatness but to build on that greatness and fulfill their lifetime dreams. Learn how the authors in this book . . .

  • Overcame adversity
  • Achieved success after incredible setbacks
  • Never gave up no matter what got in their way
  • Triumphed over abusive childhoods and relationships
  • Became the parents, business owners, entrepreneurs, community leaders.

This book will make you cry, inspire you, light a fire under you, and help you to reach deep down inside and live the extraordinary life you were meant to live.