Awakening Spirituality In Business

This show features lively discussions, listener questions and thought-leading guests from a broad range of backgrounds, about Spirituality in Business.

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go within or go without

Go With In or go With Out is Daniel’s new radio show that tackles the idea that all problems we face as human beings must be first sought after inwardly rather that outwardly. It is then and only then that we can appreciate the oneness of our existence. This is a 30 minute show where Daniel teaches and interviews the world luminaires on topics that will assist us in getting centered and focused inward.

right here , right now

Right Here Right Now was Daniels’ first show, and ran for more than 5 years. Over 50 shows and interviews are available on iTunes through the podcast.

Right Here Right Now is jam packed full of insights and interviews with successful business leaders while tackling current topics such as diversity, woman in business, success, visioning, and more. Is there any place you’d rather be than Right Here Right Now? Overwhelmingly, listeners all over the globe respond by tuning in each week.

Right Here Right Now is more than a radio show. It is a movement that is representative of the growth, pride, and leadership available in the Hispanic community, spear-headed by Daniel’s personal style and commitment.