A Journey through Mystical Peru

With Master Teacher Daniel Gutierrez

July 25th – August 3rd, 2015.

Land Tour (does not include airfare):

$2997.00 for Double Occupancy
$3497.00 for Single Occupancy

Peru is a unique South American country with a diverse and vibrant living spiritual tradition. It is a bio energetic center of great magnetic power which possesses a powerful healing effect and provides the visitor strength of mind. Supernatural and spirituality are also reflected in the divine Peruvian nature. The Old Peruvians cherished a divine respect towards the mountains, water and earth.  The people of this land are generous and open in the sharing of their spiritual knowledge, experience and connection. Join Daniel Gutierrez on a spiritual journey that offers you the opportunity to step out of your world and experience a land where you will have the opportunity to delve into the mystery of who you are and return to your world changed.


The tour includes ceremonies with shamans who are believed to be the last direct decedents of the Inca and are “wisdom keepers” of Incan cosmology. Join in the  life changing healing ceremonies with shamans who work with sacred plant medicines, which support you to delve into the mystery of who you are. You will also have the opportunity to experience ceremonies in ancient power places connecting, to the energy and gifts these places hold for us and the planet.

Tour one of the world’s great destinations in a single tour with many-faceted adventure. Fulfilling three journeys at the same time!

EXPLORE THE HISTORY– Travel the Inca Trail one of history’s greatest empires. Follow in the footsteps of the Incas, as you explore in the most exclusive places of power and ceremony. Get close up and feel the sensation and closeness to another era.

Learn the cosmology, the science, the history, the social order and the stories of the Incas. Discover the harmony and balance that characterized their way of life and world view, the wisdom of these remarkable people.

THE CULTURAL EXPLORATIONS: Meet and develop personal connections with the Qetchwa people, their families and communities, who draw strength from an enduring belief in the power of the earth, Pachamama and the mountain Apus to meet the challenges of each day. Attend the ceremonies to see and feel how their Inca heritage continues to shape the vibrant Andean culture of today.

UNIQUE TRAVEL EXPERIENCE: This tour and experience will not only nourish but will also expand your horizon as you step into the Inca world, away from the modern day life. Encounter and open the possibilities of what the world can be as also what you can be in the world. Use the fresh perspectives and insights from your experience in Peru as a new beginning and to kick-start changes you may want to make in your life!